Sunshine Median

Our neighborhood’s safety could be at risk.

Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) plans to install a median on Sunshine Street, which could create significant safety concerns by limiting access to local businesses and rerouting traffic onto nearby residential roads.

MoDOT has proposed a plan to limit access and install a median on Sunshine Street stretching from Luster Avenue to the access road shared between Sam’s Club and Walmart Neighborhood Market. We believe MoDOT’s intentions are to eventually extend the median to Glenstone Avenue and beyond West Bypass.

If carried out, we believe this median would limit access to local businesses and reroute traffic onto nearby residential roads. It is our opinion that the proposed median will create hazardous conditions and more accidents on neighborhood roads.
We believe that the Sunshine Street Corridor Project, as currently designed, is problematic and concerning.

Please find attached letters from the following community leaders expressing their concerns over the proposed median on Sunshine Street:

1. Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft
2. State Senator Lincoln Hough
3. State Senator Curtis Trent
4. State Representative John F. Black
5. State Representative Darin Chappell
6. State Representative Bishop Davidson
7. State Representative Bill Owen
8. State Representative Alex Riley
9. State Representative Melanie Stinnett
10. Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller
11. Greene County Sheriff Jim C. Arnott
12. The Greene County Commission (unanimously passed resolution) (Bob Dixon, John Russell, and Rusty MacLachlan)
13. Springfield City Council

If you would like to join the community leaders, over 80 businesses, and growing list of individuals in opposition to this proposal, please follow the link below and complete the digital letter. State Bank of Southwest Missouri will collect and forward all responses to MoDOT and other interested parties.